best mens hair products

Best Men's Hair Products

An analysis of pomade, wax, dry shampoo, and everything in between.

Best Men's Shampoo

Well, we'll just say it: Detroit Grooming Co.'s Premium Wash has it all. Ingredients to clean, care for, and preserve your fantastic beard AND works great for all other parts of your body! You'll see a shine like never before and you'll start getting compliments you didn't expect. Apply our Peppermint to your face and allow it to freshen and tingle before rinsing, for that super clean, energized feel. Enjoy the relaxing scents of our Lavender and Teatree as well! All of which contain pure Avacado oil which allows absorbtion deeply into the skin layers making them excellent moisturizers and care agents. Avacado oil has also been known to relieve itchiness from dry skin and provide psoriasis relief. This Premium Wash also includes Grapeseed oil which has antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties and successfully treats acne. It's great for promoting skin health! In addition to these properties, Detroit Grooming Co's Premium Wash also includes wheat germ oil which is universal for providing moisture to the hair and skin. Rich in vitamins A,B, D, E, and the added punch of Wheat Germ Oil to help replace missing proteins in the hair!

best mens hair shampoo

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